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(1892 - 1965)
www.emanuelebrunatto.com is an Italian site dedicated to Emanuele

As a young man Emanuele Brunatto was greatly influenced by Padre Pio
and in later years he was a staunch defender of Padre Pio when he went
through difficult times.
He is regarded as Padre Pio's first spiritual child and he stayed in cell no
6, next door to Padre Pio, for three years after which time he left and
took a room outside the friary.
Although one of Padre Pio's most fervent followers he was a young man
with a rather adventurous and troubled past with regard to authority.
During the time he lived in San Giovanni Rotondo, Emanuele was
extremely dedicated to defending Padre Pio and did so using any means
at his disposal, however unorthodox, including writing books, and fearing
no one.
A sucessful "business man", he donated 3,5 million (old) french francs for
'The Home for the Relief of Suffering' in San Giovanni Rotondo - a large
sum in 1941.
There was an exhibition and conference dedicated to Emanuele on the
25 - 26th Oct 2008, in San Giovanni Rotondo - click for Poster.
Emanuele Brunatto
Emanuele as a young man
For more information see, "Padre Pio: A Man of Hope" by Renzo Allegri, and "Mary's House" by Dorothy M. Gaudiose
both of which have a number of references to Emanuele. Also, try the new Italian site www.emanuelebrunatto.com

Emmanuele Brunatto iin later years
Emanuele in later years

In 1934 he meets Arlette Champrou (Paris 1917-Rome 1990) who is
twenty-five years younger, and they have four children: Paolo (1936),
Felicia (1937), Itala Monique (1938-1981) and Franca Brunatto (1938),
the last two being twins.
During the second world war Emanuele travels throughout Europe on
business, often staying in Geneva while his new family lives in Quarrata in

On 9 January 1940 Padre Pio announces publicly his intention to build the
hospital "Home for the Relief of Suffering" and on 3 June 1941 Emanuele
sends from the French capital a letter of credit from the Banque Italo
Francais de Credit (whose Head Office is situated in Paris at 1,
Boulevard des Capucines) to the Credito Italiano di Firenze for the sum
of 3.500.000 French francs to the "Committee for the construction of the
Hospital in San Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia". This initial and substantial
donation gives a solid basis for the construction of the hospital that Padre
Pio had greatly desired and which he inaugurated on 5.5.1956.

Emanuele Brunatto with Padre Pio
Emanuele with a young Padre Pio
Emanuele Brunatto 1926
Emanuele outside the home of Michele Forgione, Padre Pio's brother (1926)
Emanuele Brunatto 1960
Emanuele in the early 1960s

One of the books, written by Emanuele, in defense of Padre Pio
First published 1926 and now back in print in Italy.
There are some copies of this available in the UK for £12.99+PP
(please note the book is in Italian)
Please e-mail info@padrepioinscotland.org.uk for more details
copertina libro brunatto

www.emanuelebrunatto.com is an Italian site dedicated to Emanuele

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